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Our Story

More than 30 years in existence, Citybond Holdings Ltd. has specialised in, not only providing peace of mind to millions of customers through the comprehensive range of travel insurance products it offers, but emphatically also in striving to deliver exceptional service to all.

The service-first ethic has been the cornerstone of the company’s accomplishments  and continues to be a driving force today, all because of the vision of its founder and managing director, Mansukh Ganatra.

Our story so far…

Having built a solid career in accountancy over a number of years at KPMG, in the 70’s Mansukh moved into managing finance divisions at some of the travel industry’s best known names. This included several years at Intasun where he was part of the team which saw the business triple in size.

However, at the beginning of the 80’s, Mansukh’s desire to be his own boss prompted him to set himself up in financial services. So in April 1983 Citybond Holdings Plc’s first predecessor, Alpine Financial Planning Ltd, was founded.

Mansukh’s nascent business acumen and commitment to providing a high level of personal service, perceived as lacking then in the general insurance field, began to produce immediate results leading to growth in new contacts across both the travel and insurance industries. The conviction that lasting success can only come when delivery of insurance products is coupled with interest of clients at heart and support to help manage their affairs efficiently, took a firm root amongst all his staff. This philosophy has been the cornerstone of Citybond’s growth story ever since.

Just at the turn of the century customers’ buying habits in the travel industry were beginning to change with the proliferation of readily accessible internet. This, coupled with the rapid expansion of the low-cost airlines, meant the traditional ‘packaged holidays’ concept was under threat. Indeed, it paved the way in for dynamic packaging. Seeing that the independent travel market was now beginning to gather pace and was here for good, Citybond established  travel insurance brands in both the B2C and B2B markets and concurrently took the bold step to dispense with other insurance and financial products and committed the company to focusing only on travel insurance. This was a landmark decision that placed Citybond firmly on the road to becoming a travel insurance specialist.

In 2004 the company launched first ever AP based on-line B2C medical screening facility and simultaneously scaled up customer support by setting up a seven-day customer service process in Mumbai to supplement the resources in Beckenham. A number of brands, addressing specific market segments and niches, have since been created with their dedicated web sites by in-house IT resources. Investment in its own IT resources has been seen by the company as paramount in ensuring that it remains rapidly responsive to fast changing market dynamics. The business is segmented in three specific modules – B2B, B2C and Aggregators.

The company’s passion for innovation has led, amongst other things, to introducing new product features that are now standard in policies across the industry.

It is a matter of pride that millions of travellers have put their trust in the Citybond range of brands to cover their trips.

Citybond is also honoured to be part of the travel insurance industry, of which it is a respected member, and is associated with the ATII, ITT, ABTA and BIBA.


Citybond were nominated for Best Insurance Provider at The Globe Travel Awards 2015.

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