Welcome to Citybond Holdings Ltd.
The UK's travel insurance specialist for over 32 years
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Working in partnership
We pride ourselves in offering affinity solutions that really meet business needs
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Leading the market through innovative solutions and forward thinking
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Striving for excellence in all we do
Superior cover and service built into our DNA

Our Values

We are an ‘Investors in People’ firm with family values. Our culture is firmly rooted in our vision and mission.

We place our customers and clients at the heart and forefront of our business.

Our Company ethos “How may I help you?” flows in us so our customers, clients and fellow employees benefit from our service orientation. Working in a homely environment, we thrive on being supportive of one another.

Our Management encourages openness, free interaction and expression of thoughts and ideas and fosters an atmosphere of collaboration, mutual respect and high performance, thus creating a sense of pride and belonging to one unit.

Our principles of quality management and high morale have kept us on the path of consistent high productivity and profitability. We are fast, flexible and friendly.

We are proud of ourselves and the contribution we make in helping Citybond be the best travel insurance provider it can be.

Our Markets